Sport Funding

Funding 4 Sport

Sport and PE are an important part of the curriculum at Jewell Academy. In addition to timetabled physical education lessons each week, we promote sport in many other ways across the school. This is particularly evident in our After School Clubs.

These are organised by our After School Club Co-ordinator, Mr Brown and include:

  • Football
  • Karate
  • Dance
  • Tennis
  • Multi Sports

In March 2013 the government announced that every primary school would receive funding to improve the quality of sport and PE available. At Jewell Academy we have received £4754 and have spent it in the following ways:

Hiring of external coaches to assist in the running of extra-curricular clubs.
Purchasing of new sports equipment.
Purchasing of PE Schemes of Work

Use of coaches in Games lessons to support teachers in teaching Football skills.           

These purchases have allowed us to increase the number of clubs that are available to the pupils. They have also made the delivery of lessons easier and more enjoyable. By bringing in specialist coaches we can offer a higher level of teaching to the children.

We will continue to monitor the effect of the grant throughout the summer term and as the school grows and the age rage of the pupils increases over time.

In September 2014 we bought into Youth Sport Trust membership to develop our provision of high quality PE.

Sport Premium Budget Spend 2014-15

For the year 2014 – 15, we have to date received £4751 with our second instalment due in the summer term. At Jewell Academy, the sports premium funding has so far provided:

Professional sports coaching

Ongoing YST training for staff development

PE resources and equipment

Further spending will provide us with further PE equipment and resources.

Youth Sports Trust