Jewell Allotment Project

The Jewell Academy allotment was devised by Mr Brown, Joan Richard (Gardening Volunteer) and Peter Whiting (UK Allotment Champion UK) in July 2014. A plan and funding application was submitted to Green Goals, local authority provider. Jewell Academy recieved £900 to help construct the raised beds and soil. 
A further £300 (from Bournemouth Rotary Club) and £399 from the Dorset Schools Gardens Trust was recieved in February 2015 to aid the second phase of the project.
Before any money was spent on the project Joan Richard and Peter Whiting put together a plan of how the allotment would look on the site of Jewell Academy, looking at the location and sizes of the rasied beds. Once this was completed all stock was put on order, local and parents volunteers helped support the project by putting together the raised beds and picnic benches. 
The extra money will be spent on a Gardening Shed and Green House to provide more opportunities for the children.
Stage 1
Markings were laid out and ground was dug ready for the raised beds to be installed.
Allotment 1
Stage 2
Raised beds arrived and constructed. Grass cut and soil put into the beds.
Stage 3
Picnic benches were delivered and constructed.