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Our curriculum overviews show how our values, key concepts/themes and links to the wider world and personal development are mapped out in each year group. Each topic starts with a driving question, which through applied trans-disciplinary learning accumulates in our children producing a final product. Some of our leaning is taught discretely and some is continuous across the year. We do not see the curriculum as a finished product; on a weekly, termly and annual basis we review plans, consider our intent and make sure we deliver the very best academic and enrichment diet to our children. All curriculum areas have a subject lead that is responsible for the design, implementation and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of this area.

Click on each year group below to see their what they are learning over the year.

Jewell Academy is a happy and inclusive place to learn. We upskill our staff in the skills and techniques required to make sure our curriculum is accessible to all. From the development of our bespoke steps for learning through to the expansion of tracking tools that make sure all children progress. We teach to the top, with an ambitious curriculum that enables every Jewell child to thrive.

Click on each year group to see their what they are learning over the year:


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EYFS Curriculum Overview
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Year 6 Curriculum Overview


Employability Skills and Encounters

At Jewell Academy, we believe in giving every child the opportunity to experience learning about exciting careers from an early age and instilling that, if they work hard, there is ‘No limits’ to what they can achieve. We strive to ensure our children are ready for their future and prepared for employment and careers, some of which do not even exist yet.

In the Department for Education published Careers Guidance (February 2018) it states the importance that ‘Every year, from the age of 11, pupils should participate in at least one meaningful encounter with an employer’.

A ‘meaningful’ encounter is one in which the student has an opportunity to learn about what work is like or what it takes to be successful in the workplace’.


Through our carefully planned curriculum, we endeavour to provide all of our children with opportunities to meet and talk to people in a range of different careers from explorers to scientists and pride ourselves on carefully planned the experiences we provide as well as opportunities to explore and apply the different skills linked to potential careers in the future! One of the ways we support children and the local community to experience a wide range of future carer prospects is through our careers day every Summer.


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