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At Jewell Academy all learning is “Fun and Exciting!” Phonics is no exception!

We use Letters and Sounds as our scheme and this is followed from Early Years through to the end of Year 2 (and where children may need additional support, in higher year groups). This breaks the learning down into phases.

Children will complete phases at different times and as they are ready, because of this we split the children into smaller groups based on their ability rather than their age. Foundation stage stay within their classes working with a member of the Foundation Stage, providing smaller groups to support the children in the best possible way. Key Stage 1 mix the  children across the four classes, using all support staff to provide the children with smaller groups that tailor to the children’s individual needs.

As the children start their reading journey in Early Years, we offer Busy Bookworms sessions for our parents to model how we teach their children to read as they move through the phases in Letters and Sounds.

For our Key Stage One parents, we offer reading workshops to offer support in how they can help their child to become even more confident and fluent readers. Please see our “Supporting Your Child’s Reading” page. For parents who are new to us in Key Stage 1, we offer an invitation to our Busy Bookworms sessions in Foundation Stage.

Below are some links to websites you can use at home to help your child:

This is a free website where you can set up an account for your child. It follows the Letters and Sounds scheme and is very popular with the children in school

Every child has had an account set up for this website with their own log in. Please see your child’s teacher if you need a new log in.

Some free games that we use at school. It also has some useful tips and advice. You can pay a small fee to upgrade and have access to more games.

Younger children enjoys this one. It focuses on the phonemes (sounds) the letters make and helps with blending and segmenting.

Another freebie! Lots of different games – you can get the whole family involved, especially with Bingo.