Here you will find a list of books that you can read with your child and ways to support them.

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Study after study has shown that nothing will have a greater impact on a child's academic success than developing a love of reading; so we really appreciate the significant commitment JP Morgan has made to supporting our goal of ensuring that the children at Jewell Academy are introduced  to the wonders of reading for pleasure and become avid, fluent readers.

We believe that a close partnership with parents is essential for children to benefit most from their time at Jewell Academy.

In this section of our website you will find lots of useful information and links.


Children have one colour-banded book which suits their level of reading. They will be able to select any text from this colour band and will be moved to a different colour when their teacher judges them ready.

Every child will be heard read individually at least once a week by the class teacher or another adult in school. In addition, they have guided reading sessions with the teacher once a week. A record of their progress will be kept and targets discussed with the child.

Children will bring home their reading book every day along with a reading record. We ask that you find 5 –10 minutes a day to spend reading with your child and that you make a comment in their reading record.



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USEFUL LINKS online reading – all of our KS1 children should have a user name and password to access demonstration of a teacher reading with a child videos of professional story tellers and includes hints on how to recreate their story telling techniques. expert help with struggling readers aiming to create a society who are motivated to read