British Values & SMSC

What are Fundamental British Values?

Our school community considers these values to be those of:
• Mutual respect and genuine tolerance of different faiths, cultures and beliefs
• Democracy
• Rule of law
• Individual liberty

At Jewell Academy we are committed to ensuring that our children understand British values. We strongly believe that our Jewell vision and values complement and support the British Values as well as highly prioritised, teaching and upholding the nine protected characteristics. We ensure our children understand and experience them daily through a well thought out curriculum, inspiring trips, visitors and additional experiences as well as celebrating significant events and achievements in assemblies.
We are a school for all.

At Jewell Academy we prepare children for life in modern Britain. This can be seen in our school through:

  • Our school community regarding people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance. More than merely ‘tolerance’, we hope to equip all of our pupils with a sense of deeper understanding about different topics, even if they do not always agree
  • Our school community understanding the difference between English law and differing views on right and wrong
  • Our ethos and teaching which supports English law
  • Making our school community aware of the difference between the law of the land and religious law
  • Our Aspirations curriculum with a clear focus on the Guiding Principles of Purpose: Leadership and Responsibility and the Confidence to take action.

What is SMSC?

SMSC is about developing the whole child through:

  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social and
  • Cultural activities

At Jewell Academy we are proud to create an environment which enables all children to grow and flourish, become confident individuals and appreciate their own worth and that of others.

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