Maths at Jewell Academy


At Jewell, we teach Maths through a mastery approach. This approach helps all pupils to develop a deep, long term, secure and adaptable understanding of Maths. Achieving mastery means that pupils acquire a solid enough understanding to allow them to move onto more advanced material. Through their growing knowledge and understanding, we encourage our children to work together, providing opportunities to experience the National Curriculum through ‘real life’ contexts alongside the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract opportunities.


We use the planning framework from White Rose Maths Hub to support us in delivery high quality maths lessons to all children. Each unit is mapped out on your child’s whole school overview and each unit is progressive.

Calculation Policy

Should you wish to understand more about how we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division please see the link to our calculation policy.

Addition and Subtraction Calculation Policy

Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy


National Curriculum Skills progression map

White Rose National Curriculum Progression Map

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