Police have received a report of a parent receiving a suspicious phone call. The informant

received a call on 27012021 from a male saying he was arranging a 1:1 Maths session and

required the details of the informant’s children. The male had a foreign accent and made

reference to working with years 1 – 8.

No details were passed and the call was terminated.

The school linked to the informant was contacted and it was confirmed that they do not make

arrangements for 1:1 Maths lessons.

The police were contacted and the information recorded under incident number DOR


School watch DOR20210127-0323


It has been reported that at approximately 1510hrs on Wednesday 18th March, two girls were walking through the woods at Strouden Park  when they were asked by a male if they wanted him to expose himself. He was described as having a ‘baby’ voice. The girls ran off.

The male was described as mixed race, 20-30s, wearing a black scarf over his face. He was dressed in blue and white chequered trousers with a back pack on.

The police were contacted.

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