SuperSOnic Phonic Friends!


At Jewell Academy we love reading and we have carefully chosen our systematic synthetic phonics approach to align with this.

Supersonic Phonic Friends is a fully systematic synthetic, DfE approved, phonics scheme which allows us to ensure our children develop a passion for reading and the confidence to independently apply each skill when reading and writing. Within phonics lessons, children are highly motivated to ‘read with speed’ and ‘write with all their might!’

Supersonic Phonic Friends is an enchanted adventure of phonics where along the way children will meet several friendly woodland characters who represent each literacy skill involved. Supported by the children’s new ‘Supersonic friends’ and rhyming captions and phrases, this approach will ensure children develop confidence and apply each skill to their own reading and writing.  Meet the characters, explore the benefits and have a look at the links and videos below to find out more about our phonics scheme.


The Benefits of Supersonic Phonic Friends


Monitoring, Assessment and Tracking

  • Termly assessments are undertaken in Y1 and Y2 (for those who did not achieve the pass mark) to support teachers to identify any specific gaps in phonetically knowledge. To ensure no child is left behind, this analysis is then used to support children within small intervention groups.
  • The test analysis and tracking sheets provide our evidence base for external moderation, if required.
  • The phonics lead will provide opportunities to be observed as lead practitioner and may observe other colleagues as needs are identified.
  • Phonics training and updates form part of the PDM planning cycle. Staff new to phonics will be given support by the phonics lead and may be signposted to further relevant training, if appropriate.

Supersonic Phonic Friends Progression Overview

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