The Modern Foreign Language curriculum at Jewell Academy has been designed to build an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards language learning and is based on skills in speaking and understanding, reading and writing and grammar and word knowledge.

This is achieved:

  • Through a progressive curriculum exploring a range of diverse topics and their specific vocabulary, whilst building on prior learning.
  • By equipping our pupils with the ability to build increasingly complex sentences, to be spoken and written, and use these confidently in everyday Spanish.
  • By celebrating the linguistically and culturally varied diet of our school and making comparisons thus enriching pupils understanding of both.

By the time our children leave Jewell Academy, the children should have a love for language, be able to make grammatical links and have a sound foundation of knowledge ready for further language learning at secondary school and beyond.



MFL is taught through Spanish, starting in Reception and building up to covering National Curriculum Objectives in KS2. Spanish is taught weekly, using the Language Angels scheme of work.  Below is a curriculum overview and progression map to show which units and skills are taught each half term in each year group.

Spanish Overview for Year Groups 2023-2024


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