Children have a natural curiosity about their world and it is our aim to harness this curiosity to stimulate scientific thinking and ignite a passion for science in all of our children. Children will learn to question and discuss the science-based issues that affect their own lives, society and the future of the world and understand how major scientific ideas contribute to technological changes in a wide range of areas, such as industry, medicine, entertainment and overall quality of life. Children will be able to confidently use the investigative approach and scientific method and be able to develop and evaluate explanations through experimental evidence and modelling.

By the time our children leave Jewell Academy, we want to instil an enquiring nature and ensure they have a sound foundation of knowledge ready for further science learning at secondary school and beyond.


Children at Jewell Academy will follow a multi-disciplinary approach, developing a strong understanding of how the world and universe can be understood through scientific knowledge. This understanding begins in Early Years, where through play our youngest learners explore and experiment. 

The concept of working scientifically will be at the centre of the science curriculum. Children will be encouraged to predict, hypothesise, collect evidence, analyse results and evaluate their work. A range of methods will be used to record and communicate work, such as spreadsheets, written reports and model making. Through science, our children will develop understanding and respect for the natural world, for themselves and for each other. For wider science understanding, trans-disciplinary links will be made across the curriculum, in areas including Maths, Geography, History and Art.

Science National Curriculum Objectives Overview

Working Scientifically Progression Map

Science knowledge progression

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